Desus & Mero Reveal How Much Money They’re Making On Showtime, Say DJ Envy Bailed On Softball Game In ‘OK! Magazine’ Exclusive


The last episode of Desus & Mero aired on Viceland on Thursday, June 28th. Directly after the duo taped their series finale, they made their way to Yankee Stadium to play in CC Sabathia’s Celebrity Softball Game later that night. While there, the boys spoke exclusively to OK! Magazine about their new Showtime deal, their beef with DJ Envy, and more.

“It’s a little melancholy,” Mero admitted to OK! as the pair discussed recording their final episode earlier that day. “We’re literally unemployed right now,” Desus added. “We go from having a TV show, now we’re just like two broke guys in the Bronx.”

When the publication asked the Bronx natives how much more than Showtime is paying them than their former Viceland gig, Desus and Mero could not hide their excitement over their recently-secured bags.

“How much more is Showtime paying? Let’s put it this way, we can go to Target now and throw anything in the cart and not check the price, that’s where we’re at right now,” Desus laughed. “Yeah, I’m talking almond butter, nothing GMO,” Mero added. And we all know how much Mero loves going to Target, so that’s a lot of money.

The two also discussed their highly-publicized beef with DJ Envy, who–according to Desus–was apparently a no-show at the softball event.

“[DJ Envy] was supposed to be here tonight. He didn’t show up,” Desus claims. “It’s all love. Like why do you think if you come to the Bronx and beef with two guys from the Bronx — we live like 10 blocks away from here — things would end badly for you?”

Since Envy’s notoriously emotional interview with the Bodega Boys, Bravo announced a new show featuring him and his [redacted] (since he doesn’t like people talking about his wife).

Desus was more than happy to congratulate the radio host saying, “We love Envy. Shoutout to Envy. Shout out to his new reality show that him and his wife is launching based on internet beef. You’re welcome.” Mero laughed adding, “Enjoy that Bravo series, my guy.”

The benevolent Bodega Boys have also extended an open invitation for Envy to meet up with them, on-air or off. “He’s invited to the Showtime show, he’s invited to all four of [Mero’s] kids’ bar mitzvah’s, he’s invited to my circumcision, my bris, I have an open house coming up in two weeks — he can come to anything he wants,” Desus taunted. “My gutters are pretty stuck, and if he has big hands he can clear it out if that’s what he wants to do.” Mero offered up an invite to his garage sale, which is scheduled for next weekend.

You can read Desus & Mero’s entire exclusive via OK! Magazine here.

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