Bow Wow Is Still Banned Once Desus & Mero Make Their Move To Showtime

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The Blast spoke to Desus and Mero on Thursday following the taping of their series finale on Viceland. The publication got the boys to open up about their new deal with Showtime, and why they’re excited about going there versus staying with the network that game them their start on TV.

According to the pair, one main reason they are really excited about the switch is getting a bigger budget, along with the fact that one show a week will give them more time to be creative.

That’s all we got for changes, but as for what’s staying the same… Bow Wow is still banned from the show, no matter what network they live on. Here’s a reminder of why the fake flexer got banned in the first place:

Sorry Shad. No Showtime for you.

Head over to The Blast to peep the full video of Desus and Mero explaining their plans for the future, which definitely don’t involve Bow Wow.

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