Desus Almost Got His Finger Amputated After Dunking With A Promise Ring From His High School GF


While talking to press before CC Sabathia’s celebrity softball game last week at Yankees stadium, Now This asked participants about their most embarrassing sports memories.

Staying true to their brand, Desus and Mero presented much more elaborate stories than the rest of the celebs. Mero delighted us in a story about disappointing his baseball fanatic of a father one day during a game with all of his Dominican pals, where he tripped over the second baseman and got laughed off the field.

But Desus’ high school encounter with a basketball hoop is what took the cake. He explains that the girl he was dating when he was 15 gave him a promise ring, which she begged him not to take off during the game. As Desus went up for a dunk (subtle flex) the ring got caught on the hoop, and he nearly had to get his finger amputated.

Peep the whole video below.

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