Showtime Details, Justice For Junior, & Versace Sneakers: A Recap Of The Bodega Boys Live At The Atlanta Symphony Hall

Clusterfest - Bill Graham Stage - Day 2
‘The Bodega Boys Live’ on the Bill Graham Stage during Clusterfest


Saturday was a big night for The Bodega Boys.

Desus and Mero made their way to Atlanta for not only their first show in Georgia, but their first since the end of their Viceland gig and the announcement of their move over to Showtime. The massive energy in the building was palpable, and the love emanating from the crowd was reciprocated right back as the boys put their all into an impressive show.

Saying that a Bodega Boys show is unpredictable is an understatement, because even Desus and Mero themselves don’t know what they’re going to say before they step on stage. Some fans traveled thousands of miles just to laugh for a couple hours, but every single person there would tell you it was all worth it.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones in the building, here’s a recap of some highlights:

  • When Desus asked the crowd what we all do now at 11pm with the void of Desus & Mero setting in, some people yelled out “cry” while others said “masturbate.” Mr. Nice himself said he turns on Viceland just to see what they have on now, and quipped, “Oh, Cool Runnings again?” shrugging off the shade by saying, “it’s not a joke if it’s true.”


  • This was Mero’s first time in Atlanta (Desus came in 2017 for Culture Clash), so it’s no surprise he wanted to flex on the crowd. As Desus tells it, the second the pair landed in the ATL and got in their Uber, Mero directed their driver to the Versace store–because he “needed to look like someone who would impregnate Cardi B.” He looked confident as ever strutting onstage in his affluent ensemble, getting someone in the front row to buckle his ‘Sace sneakers and referring to himself as the fourth Migo, Chancleta.


  • The Bodega Boys assured their somewhat apprehensive fanbase that the Showtime gig isn’t them selling out–but making their content the best it can be with a bigger budget. The common complaint–at least across social media–has been high subscription costs, accessibility, and less shows per week, all of which they addressed. Though they signed contracts that force them to keep it mum, Desus made it clear that by the time their show starts: Showtime subscriptions will cost less, their content will be made more accessible (via Youtube or other platforms), and if they get good ratings, their 1-day-a-week contract could be expanded to much more.


  • Desus and Mero addressed fans being upset that they did not comment on the Justice for Junior situation on their show. They announced that they have something planned with the family, but didn’t feel the need to broadcast it because posting charity work across social media makes it “disingenuous.”


The show consisted of 2 hours of tangents about Jay Z on a jet ski, people in Atlanta calling guns “dicks,” and Drake hiding a child. Unlike their art at Redbull Studios, the show wasn’t started with AKA’s, but rather used as a triumphant finale met with exponential audience interaction. Desus & Mero get a whole lot of people through their tough days with laughter, and it was proven just how much they mean to so many people through the 2,000 fans in the building of a city so different from their own.

The Bodega Boys have a lot of stuff in the works, and we should all be grateful that we’re along for the ride.

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