Amanda Seales And Her Porpoise Teeth Disrespected Desus Nice, Causing Him To Walk Offstage At Her ‘Smart Funny & Black’ Event

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The Bodega Boys and Amanda Seales don’t exactly have a positive past, and now it looks like there’s even more tension.

Desus appeared as a guest for Amanda’s Smart Funny & Black show in Brooklyn on August 2nd, and ended up leaving the event early. He was going head to head with Joe Budden when some comments from the host made him feel like Amanda was trying to play him.

The footage shows some friendly back-and-forth between Desus and Budden while they get ready to compete, but Amanda didn’t get the memo about their competitive banter. Joe tells Desus, “you better knock it out the park” to which he quips back, “or else, what? I don’t get money if I win this s**t.”

It looks Seales took his comment personally, since she was the one who invited everyone to perform for free, responding “do you wanna just leave?” Desus brushed that off and insisted everyone was just having a good time–but that was only the beginning of her taking his jokes personally.

The next clip cuts to Desus telling another joke, which he backed up with, “If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you got this lightskin n***a here.”

Though this joke seems pretty on brand for Nice’s humor, Amanda once again isn’t with it, and asked, “Y’all gonna berate the crowd the whole time?” She then goes on to comment on Desus’ previous joke saying, “if they don’t like it, it’s cause it wasn’t funny.”

It’s clear that Desus was done with being tested by both the crowd and the host onstage, and actually ended up walking off and leaving the event early because she was clearly trying to play him.

After Desus did Amanda a favor by showing up to perform at her show for free, it’s pretty disrespectful of her to crack jokes at his expense–especially since he wasn’t saying anything out of the ordinary for his signature humor.

With that being said, I’ll leave you with this:

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